About us

We have a simple mission; to find those unique, everyday products from around the world that tell colorful stories about the people and the place where they originate. We only showcase usable products. Products that you can use for their intended purpose or reinterpret your way because who says you can’t use a traditional tea glass from Turkey for wine?

Why we do it? We are tired of everything looking the same all over the world. We are tired of tacky magnets, shot glasses and t-shirts as souvenirs. We would rather celebrate the uniqueness, eccentricities, and diversities. We want to capture them before they disappear altogether. 

Now, we not only tell stories but also sell these products, either directly or through trusted partners. Check out our online shop.

Every few weeks we also host a live shopping event in some part of the world with a guest curator, for the weekend only. We discover a new city through the eyes of a local and showcase products that our local curator finds in that city. Check out the Cities section to see what we are talking about.

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