Santiago Pikkabox

Easily adaptable South American city, Santiago has mersmerizing views of the Andes from anywhere in the city. What is really Chilean is a hard question but if you look closely, there are still a few things to admire.

Buenos Aires Pikkabox

Grungy yet fashionable and urban cool, the whole of South America looks up to Buenos Aires for fashion and cool factor. And they are, these porteños who never sleep. Local craft, LatAm culture and all that energy is hard to pack in a box.

 About us 

The journey for Pikkabox started in 2015 when two travelers went on a year long trip around the world. The mission was simple — to find those unique, everyday objects from around the world that tell stories. These products HAD to be usable and the kind they would would buy for themselves.

This website and all the products you see here are curated with love. 

Kyoto Pikkabox

Love at first sight. That's what Kyoto is. A culture that runs on respect & attention to detail, for 'everything' is hard to preserve, yet here it is. Did we mention taxi doors that automagically open for you to get in? Curating a box from Kyoto was a delight. One word, stationary.

Hanoi Pikkabox

Vietnam has so much history that it's hard to keep their political history and propaganda out of anything really. This chaotic yet calm capital of Vietnam has much to offer from local handicrafts to a cultural insight into Vietnamese way of life.

South India Pikkabox

India is a vast country with diverse food and culture in every corner. We knew too much which made it hard to choose but also our strength to sieve through all the cliched and most popular to find some hidden gems. Did you know about India's mass coffee culture in the south?

Penang Pikkabox

A paradise for foodies, Penang was definitely a gastronomical delight. With it's diverse mix of locals of Chinese, Malay and Indian origin, Penang was a wonderful melting pot of cultures. Pikka tried to find the best products to represent that melting pot.

Istanbul Pikkabox

One of Pikka's friends called Istanbul, a perfect hybrid between Mumbai and Brooklyn. Surrounded by history, handicrafts and hipsters, Pikka could've easily filled a truckload of products to put in the box. It was a hard choice.

Ljubljana Pikkabox

Europe's best kept secret, Ljubljana is a delightful city in Slovenia. Here is where we found the most unique cultural habits and numerous young creatives worth showcasing.

Prague Pikkabox

Pikka started her journey with us in Prague in the month of June 2015 and found cool products from retro toys and stationery to products that support local communities. This box is full old czech brands that need celebration to young local brands unknown to the world.